I'm Irina

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Bali beach.

In 2012 I went abroad for the first time. The first country I went to was Turkey. Also it was my first time to see the sea. Since then I have traveled to 11 countries, some of them multiple times. I really hope this list will continue to grow because I do love travelling.

To be fair I should say my travelling goals changed a lot over time. I used to love going to famous cities: London, New York, Paris, Zurich, Istanbul, etc to see other people and, how they live. I especially enjoy arriving to a city in the early morning, everyone is rushing, doing their morning routines. It gives you the feeling that you are a part of it and something magical comes with it, it feels as if you are not a tourist but a local. Among all the touristy things I’d do something like go to a market or to some popular bar among locals and of course make friends. It’s like a short life in a new city for a week. But still.

Since I moved to Shanghai, my life here is overwhelming, I look less into cities, in terms of travelling, but more into how I feel. For example, if I need to relax I would go to see the ocean/ mountains or go to a yoga retreat. Now I choose a place according to the season, price or convenience rather than the name of the country or the city.

I really want to do so many different things and it seems to me I will have to travel the world. I already know what I want to do for my next trip: I want to go to on a whale safari.

Please, contact me if you know anything about a whale safari, I would love to hear your advice.