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My entire life I thought that people who can code have some sort of a superhero power. It fascinated me how someone was able to create things to make other people’s life easier. When I was 30 years and 11 months old I started looking into it myself. I found out either it’s not that complicated or I’m not as hopeless as I thought.

Before that beautiful coding enlightenment happened in my life I had lived in Russia, gained a Master’s degree in Public relations, for 5 years worked as a PR manager in various fields (most of the time media related). After the recent crisis (annexation of Crimea) I was made redundant and there were no career opportunities for me. So I decided to change my career path and my country. I became a certified English teacher and came to China. I’ve been in China for three years and here my beautiful coding enlightenment took place. (You can find my detailed CV on LinkedIn or just request it from me).

When I was diagnosed with love for coding - first, I built this website, second, I took SoloLearn (HTML, CSS, JavaScript), Harvard cs50 (the course includes C, Python, SQLite, JavaScript, Jinja - my final project ishere) third, I was enrolled to Le Wagon.

Now I just can't wait to become a full time web developer.

Please, contact me if you are looking for:

cs50 Harvard certificate.
Recommendation letter Patrice Nordey. Recommendation letter Kvasova. Recommendation letter Purizaca .