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Yoga retreat.

I have been doing yoga for almost five years. It helps me keep my mind and body healthy.

The first time I took a yoga class, was because of my doctor. He told me it is exactly what I need to heal my back. At that time I constantly had terrible backaches all the time. They went away after months of intensive practice. However my backaches still come back if I stop doing yoga for sometime. That’s obviously what keeps me from quitting.

With yoga everything started as a work out just for my body, but with time I have found a new meaning to it as I have grown as a person. I had some dramatic changes in my life, I had my dreams crushed right before my very eyes along with so many other things. Whenever when something like that happens my mind gets crowded with a whirlwind of thoughts and I become breathless. As you know what all yoga teachers say, “breathe” and “be aware of your body/breath/thoughts”. And I breathe and I become aware. That’s all I need to save myself from whatever is going on outside of me, to fix myself from inside.

Twice I went to a yoga retreat here in China and I had an amazing experience. It benefited me physically and mentally. Yes, you go there with a group of people but it’s a rare case when a group doesn’t act as a group. Every single person is in the same place with many others but has his or her own journey. The people are so beautiful there. It’s difficult to explain. I would definitely recommend going to a yoga retreat..

Now I’m doing yoga at home (usually yoga with Adriane) if you want to do something yogi I’m down!

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